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Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Create wealth while protecting your assets

Create wealth while
protecting your assets

Optimize your financial, fiscal and estate situation

Optimize your financial,
fiscal and estate situation

Protect your family

Protect your family

Personalized financial concepts for all types of portfolios

Personalized financial concepts
for all types of portfolios

Would you like to know what we can do for you?

Create wealth while protecting your assets!

Patrice Sergerie, financial security advisor and president of Gestion Financière Sécuritaire

65 years old and over

Guaranteed annual income for life, annual return equivalent to 6% to 8%.

Tax-exempt universal life insurance

Combination of life insurance and investment, tax-exempt while insured is living and upon death.

33-55 years old

Maximize the return on your RSSP if your parents are still alive.


Patrice is my financial security advisor for my personal and corporate investments since 1988. He stands out especially with a personalized, professional and respectful approach to my needs . Patrice is dedicated and expert in a field that is constantly evolving and on some occasions unstable. With exceptional ethics, transparency and respect, Patrice offers me the peace of mind that I seek for myself and my estate. Christian Lemay, ex-officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and private consultant in National security

Patrice is my financial advisor since 2005 for my universal life product. I am so happy about that financial product in my global retirement and estate planning. He fit perfectly in my overall planning with my other advisors. He is always available to give up to date information. He knows how to simplify the contents and is a very passionate man. – Jean-Pierre Raynauld, 55 years old – Rheumatologist at the CHUM in Montreal

Patrice was referred to me in 2001 and since that time, I subscribed to a variety of products and concepts in life insurance and retirement annuities and I am very happy of the overall results. It is necessary to all diversified portfolio. I am especially very happy to have a financial security advisor as efficient, friendly and competent like Patrice. – Pierre Laurin, 75 years old – ex-CEO at Merril Lynch Quebec and headed HEC Montreal and vice chairman of the board of director at Quebecor Inc.

Patrice has been my financial advisor since 1989. He offers impeccable service and is always available. He knows his subject inside out and is able to explain it. – Élise Lavery, executive secretary, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec