A Word form the President
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A Word form the President

Welcome to my financial security site. I am the President of Gestion Financière Sécuritaire and a financial security advisor since April 1989. I act as an intermediary between you and life insurance companies. Why life insurance companies? Because Canadian life insurance companies as well as Canadian banks are the most reliable financial institutions in the world, particularly since the world financial crisis in the fall of 2008.

I am entirely independent and work in your best interest.

Furthermore, my role consists of working only with guaranteed and secure products, and the only institutions capable of guaranteeing such results are life insurance companies. I am entirely independent and work in your best interest. Gestion Financière Sécuritaire is a financial services firm that has access to all of the databases from every Canadian insurer. We have licenses to operate in Quebec and Ontario.

Our principal strength lies in educating consumers about their real needs and existing financial products. We create detailed, personalized and easy to understand presentations. Our proficiency in the entire range of financial products and concepts allows us to target the consumer’s real needs and, then, to offer the product that best fits each individual’s budget.

Insurance companies have been around for over 150 years. They are financially solid institutions. Insurers take advantage of legislation that allows them to offer financial products for which the accumulation of funds is tax-exempt while living and upon death. You can also protect your assets against creditors. The goal of life insurance is to protect your family or your partners in case of premature death and to avoid the financial threat to everyone concerned. The death benefit of a life insurance policy is never taxable upon death.

Beyond the basic products, insurers, advisors and fiscal specialists have innovated in the last few years to build intelligent fiscal and financial concepts based on existing basic products. Moreover, you will find a brief overview of these new concepts under the Financial Concepts tab.