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Produits financiers GFS

We assure you that we negotiate with all Canadian life insurance companies in order to offer you the best products and financial concepts corresponding to your situation and your objectives.

We specialize in preparing secured financial services and products built especially by the Canadian insurers. See the financial concepts and products to know more and find which one applies to you.

For those who find it important to receive input from their advisors (chartered accountants, lawyers, tax expert or family members) we encourage you to include them in our meetings because we are convinced that it will help you take a better decision.

Also, we are able to offer the following services:

  • life insurance for partnership.
  • life insurance to protect your mortgage.
  • life insurance for a young couple with children to make sure to maintain same life style in a family environment.
  • life insurance to protect the estate especially to pay income taxes upon death. Did you know that the estate must make a last income tax report of the deceased? The only thing that is not taxable is the family home. The RRSP and RIF are taxable 100%. The income made on your investment is taxable. The capital gain on your portfolio and real estate are taxable at the market value. See the financial services and concepts.
  • disability insurance to protect your salary
  • life annuity to increase your monthly income for people over 60.
  • life insurance and annuities for donations. Did you know that you have fiscal advantages on your income tax report every year on these premiums paid.
  • actuary calculations to validate an investment or financial services and concepts as described later
  • make sure your will and mandate are up to date
  • In complementarity with our partners, we offer you a complete estate and retirement planning