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Welcome to my site. Since April 1989, I am President of Gestion Financière Sécuritaire and a financial security advisor. I am the market intermediary between you and life insurance companies. Why life insurance companies? Because Canadian life insurance companies, some of which have been in existence for 150 years, suggest financial security, peace of mind and stability for a portion of your holdings and assets. Assets are managed in a responsible and stable manner. Insurers protect you and your family against two aspects of life: death and taxes payable upon death.




I am completely independent, and I work in your best interests.

In addition, since my role is largely to work with guaranteed and secure products, the only financial institutions that can guarantee such results are life insurance companies.  Gestion Financière Sécuritaire is a financial services firm that has full access to all the databases of all Canadian insurers. I have a permit allowing me to carry out my activities in the province of Quebec.

Throughout my career, I have worked for large institutions including, among others, Scotia McLeod and National Bank Financial, which has allowed me to acquire a great deal of knowledge and skills in all financial circles. You can find out more on my LinkedIn page.

Our great strength is educating consumers about their real needs and the existing financial products. We build detailed presentations tailored to each one, but at the same time, easy to understand. Thanks to our excellent grasp of all financial products and concepts, they allow us to target the real needs of the consumer and, subsequently, to be able to use the appropriate product according to each person’s budget.



Insurers benefit from legislation that allows them to offer financial products whose return is not taxable within a contract, both during the life of the insured and upon their death. In addition, you can benefit from the exemption of a seizure of your assets in order to protect them against creditors. The goal of life insurance is to protect your family or associates in the event of a premature death and to avoid putting all those involved in financial jeopardy. The death benefit of a life insurance policy is never taxable upon death.

 Beyond commodities, insurers, advisers and tax specialists have innovated in recent years to build smart financial and tax concepts using existing commodities. Additionally, you will find in the “services” tab, under the “estate planning” topic, an overview of these new concepts.


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