Financial Products & Concepts

Financial Products & Concepts

Basic Life Insurance

Protect your family or a business partner, cover the reimbursement of a mortgage.

Long Term Care Insurance

Protection against longevity risk.

Estate GIC

Ways to maximize the return on sums that you invest since you will never spend them during your lifetime, but that are destined to your estate, and ways to create estate leverage.


By using life insurance or a life annuity. Major tax advantages for you and your estate.

Life Insurance & Investment

Combination of life insurance and investment (GIC, bonds, stock index, international investment funds) for a tax-exempt retirement

Combination of Life Insurance & Investment

Combination of life insurance and investment with tax-exempt yields while living and upon death


Protection against disability – income not taxable.

Critical Illness

Protection against critical illness (cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, etc.) - capital not taxable.

Creation of Wealth

Creation of wealth in a special life insurance policy with access to international funds. Tax-exempt while insured is living and upon death. Option of withdrawing up to 90% of the tax-exempt investment for your retirement.

65 years old and +

65 years old and +, life bond that pays a guaranteed monthly income lifetime which the equivalent annual return before tax is between 6 to 8%. The capital return to the estate 100%.

33-55 years old

If you are 35-55 years old and your parents are still alive, there are ways to maximize your RRSP contributions and obtain a return on your investment of around 10% with no risk.

Seg Funds

Investment funds in which part of your capital is guaranteed while living and upon death, regardless of annual return..


Traditional Life Annuity

Protect yourself against longevity risk. Guaranteed monthly income for life.


Group insurance and retirement plan.


Voluntary retirement saving plan.