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We believe estate planning is an ongoing and necessary process for anyone concerned about the transference of their wealth. Managing the risks associated with your investments, adopting personalized strategies and optimizing the disbursement of accumulated assets at the time of your retirement are also essential if you want to achieve your goals. Furthermore, it is necessary to understand the legal and tax consequences applicable in the event of death.

Over the next ten years, in Canada, there will be a generation-to-generation transfer of assets estimated at over $ 1.050 trillion. That’s huge. There are different ways of planning everything for the generation that is going to leave us as well as for the one that is going to get the transfer. One of the most underestimated and most effective in terms of tax efficiency is the use of more specialized life insurance products.

We estimate that more than half of the people have not adequately planned to transfer their wealth in the event of death, and even more than that have not advised their heirs to this eventuality. A North American study has shown that more than 65% of people with an investment portfolio have not optimized their strategy effectively to lower the tax upon death.

Did you know that, if you have a life insurance policy in your overall strategy, the accumulation of invested premiums, the accrued interest and the death benefit are returned to the beneficiaries without any payable taxes? It is one of the most effective inheritance leveraging tools in a financial, tax and inheritance strategy. This allows the estate to pay taxes and fees without squandering part of the deceased’s assets OR creating more wealth with the same money without a tax impact. We have the necessary tools and specialists to assist you with this strategy.



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