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It is important to be able to invest and have a good strategy for the accumulation and development plan of your assets in order to prepare for a nice retirement. Thus, you should be able to budget properly and decide on a strategy according to your objectives and your financial behavior with regards to:

  1. RRSP
  2. TFSA
  3. RESP
  4. Unregistered placement

We are able to assist you with your investments pertaining to segregated funds and mutual investment funds (called mutual funds). We do not do any transactions directly on the stock markets and are not stockbrokers.

We use mutual funds held by banks and segregated funds held by insurers to suggest different investments based on your investor profile.

What is a mutual fund?

Mutual funds group together investors’ money. A manager invests these amounts in various types of investments depending on the objectives of the fund. For example, these objectives can be to:

⇒ Preserve the sums invested,

⇒ Produce a regular income,

⇒ Increase the sums invested as much as possible.

By investing in a fund, investors receive a title that gives them an ownership interest in a portion of the mutual fund. Usually, you can sell your mutual fund securities whenever you want. The value of a security in a fund is usually calculated once a day.

What is a segregated fund?

A segregated fund is a type of investment similar to a mutual fund. The main difference is that it comes with a guarantee against death and possibly a maturity guarantee. Only insurers can offer these segregated funds.

A guarantee against death means, if you die before a predetermined date, and if the value of your funds is less than the amount initially invested, this guarantee will pay part or all of the difference to your heirs, according to the contract. This guarantee can be 75% or 100%.


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